Students Protest Book Ban Book Bans in Schools Lead to Outrage from Both Students and Parents

retchen Lembcke
Staff Writer

Since September, students at Central York High School in York, Pennsylvania, have been protesting the major book ban at their school.

The ban, set in 2020, included books written by or speaking of people of color. As expected, students were outraged by this and decided to protest in favor of their Black, Latinx, Asian and Native peers who felt silenced by the school’s course of action. 

Students at Lynn University commented on the matter, discussing how inclusion is important in all aspects.

“I feel like having diverse thoughts is what brought us to the whole idea of education, you know?” said Luis Baez, a sophomore. “People at one point had to start somewhere, so diverse thoughts is where innovation comes from.”

The ban included more than 40 books about racism and the history behind racist acts. Two of the banned books—about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks—were written by a South Florida author, Brad Meltzer. The school’s objection to including these types of books was explained by the school board president, Jane Johnson. 

“What we were attempting to do is balance legitimate academic freedom that could be literature materials that are too activist in nature and lean more towards indoctrination rather than age-appropriate academic content,” said Johnson on ABC News.

Based on this information, other Lynn University students had additional comments.

“The only way we’re able to learn from each other…is [by] getting different perspectives of people,” said Kudakwashe Gadzikwa, a sophomore. “And not one person has all knowledge, so it wouldn’t be right.”

A similar situation is playing out in the Palm Beach County School District with parents angered by a book titled “Little & Lion.” Those contesting its use object to a bisexual character, teenage alcohol consumption, the use of profanity and sexual content. 

Some find it inappropriate and claim it is against biblical values.

“I personally think that that is super stupid because we’re in the 21st century,” said Gadzikwa. “That topic shouldn’t even be brought up anymore in that sort of way.”

Fortunately, as of Sept. 20, Central York High School’s book ban has been lifted. In Florida, parents are still trying to get “Little & Lion” banned.

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