Animal Testing

By Carly Shaw Graham

Position: Staff Writer 

Consumers should do their part to stop the cruelty of animal testing by learning which companies do and do not use the practice. 

Many times, products are tested on animals before hitting the market without many consumers’ knowledge. Testing is often done to create makeup, hair products and skin products, and often involves restraining animals, which can lead to distress and heart failure. 

Many Lynn students believe animal testing is cruel and that people should avoid using products that involved the process. 

“Using animal tested beauty products is a vain and cruel way to practice self care,” said Antonia Lynn, a Lynn student. 

While some companies continue to test on animals, other companies use alternative options that do not harm animals, like using human volunteers instead of animals. 

There are numerous products that do not use animals to test their products, including Tom’s, AVEDA and Bath & Body Works. 

“I like to buy products that don’t test on animals because it’s animal abuse,” said Daria Cuellar, freshman. “Every person counts, it’s just like that quote where people say ‘oh it’s just one straw, says thousands of people.’ Any little effort is a big help towards ending animal testing.”

Unfortunately, men tend to have a smaller offering of products available to them that are not tested on animals, making it difficult for men who object to the practice. 

“There are very few products available for men that have not been tested on animals,” said Shayd Percival, a grocery store manager. “Many men may not realize how many animals suffered at the expense of hygiene.” 

Although men have fewer options, there are still products to choose from, including The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees, according to the Bunny Army’s Cruelty Free Shopping Guide.  

Numerous options are available for people who seek to only use products that are not tested on animals, making it easier for people to boycott companies and products that continue the practice.

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