Flagging Down New Experiences A Look Into Lynn’s Intramural Flag Football

Delaney Gould

Staff Writer

This fall, Lynn students have the opportunity to compete in flag football.

The intramural sport made its return to campus this fall, beginning on Sept. 30 and allowing students to join and create teams with their friends. 

In previous years, flag football was a regular fall occurrence. However, due to COVID-19, students were unable to participate over the last year. But with the re-opening of campus came the re-opening of intramural sports. 

Flag football is comparable to regular football, but diluted down allowing for less contact and creating a game focused more on finesse. Students are each given a belt connected to a flag, and the goal is to pull the other teams’ flags off in order to prevent them from scoring. 

“It is seven on seven,” said Cal Gallagher, a Lynn senior. “There is no blocking compared to regular football.”

Posters encouraging participation were displayed around campus in preparation for the start of the season. By inviting students with no experience to the game, and by welcoming back participants from previous years, word of the competition spread quickly. 

“I had some of my friends that were interested and wanted me to join their team,” said Gallagher. “I played my sophomore year also.” 

Intramural flag football keeps coeds active and involved in campus life, allowing for students from various backgrounds to compete and mingle with peers. 

“My favorite part about flag is the competitiveness, comradery and the fast pace. These games are…lots of fun with lots of skilled players looking to win,” said Ethan Yorio, a junior. “I would definitely recommend [it] to all other people because….you get to have fun playing football and get to meet a lot of people from around the school.”

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