Top 5 Best Fashion Influencers Who do you look up to?

By Katie Zivley

Staff Writer

Discover the latest influencers the fashion world is obsessed with this year along with the fashion influencers Lynn students adore.

According to digital marketing agency Amra and Elma, the top five fashion influencers of 2021 are Cole Sprouse, Chiara Ferragni, Camila Coelho, Lauren Conrad and Aimee Song.

Sprouse, an actor, photographer and a fashion influencer, has 35.6 million followers on social media and encourages many people in the world through his incredible work.

Ferragni is considered one of the top Instagram influencers with over 24.9 million followers. She’s worked with LVMH, Giambattista Valli, Chanel and Dior, and has also launched her own clothing line, Chiara Ferragni Collection.

Coelho, a Brazilian fashion influencer and designer, has walked many red carpets, including at the Met Gala in 2019. She’s worked with  Dior, Tory Burch and many other fashion brands as she continues to inspire her 9.2 million followers each day.

Next is Lauren Conrad, a designer, reality TV personality, author and a style influencer. Conrad, who’s best known for her role in the show “Laguna Beach,” is the founder of Paper Crown and cofounder of the online store, The Little Market. She has 5.8 million followers on Instagram.

The last person to make Amra and Elma’s top five ranking is Song, who’s known to be a very popular fashion blogger. She’s written a bestselling book called, “Capture Your Style,” and her first design collaboration was completely sold out within 30 minutes of launching. She has 5.5 million followers and continues to be dominant in the fashion world as seen by her latest collection for Revolve.

These fashion influencers likely inspire many Lynn student’s fashion choices. iPulse asked Lynn students which fashion influencers are their favorites.

“Kelsey Ashley. Every time I look at her Instagram page, I’m amazed, inspired and intrigued,” said Traya Johnson, a senior. “I’m always wondering [about] her next project and what look she will design next.”

“Fenty Beauty by Rihanna because she makes sure her products are known for [their] broad inclusivity across skin tones and gender, which is rare in many other brands,” said Patricia Duong, a junior.

“Jeremy Scott, the creative director for Moschino. The reason why I love him so much is because every collection is couture,” said Alexa DeRogatis, a senior. “Every single garment he makes takes so much time and effort; he’s one of a kind and there’s no other designer like him.”

Whether a fashion influencer made the ranking or not, fashion influencers continue to help Lynn students create their styles.

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