Fan Conventions in Full Swing Conventions are Ready to Welcome Back Floridians

By Charles Lawson

Staff Writer

Fan conventions are returning with the end of the pandemic in sight.

For over the past year, conventions were conducted online or outright canceled, but many were able to reopen during summer. Now, with more scheduled in the future, it looks like they are regaining popularity.

These conventions typically feature celebrity guests and vendors selling comics, video games, collectibles, art, cosplay merchandise and even tattoos. One returning fan is former Lynn GAME Club president and graduate student Anden Velez.

“It was a lot of fun this year. Seeing how they handled the pandemic…as well as all the people I got to see there. I blew my budget immediately after seeing an artist I saw three years ago, and I really like his art,” said Velez.

Velez is one of many regular attendees of such conventions before the pandemic. He attended Miami Supercon in September with some friends and tries to do so every year.

However, despite their return, conventions have been subject to frequent celebrity guest cancellations.

“A lot of people called out last minute,” said Velez. “Hayden Christensen was there in an Obi Wan hat, which was very big for the community, but I missed it,” said Velez.

Some people are questioning whether it is too soon to reopen these events and whether COVID-19 regulations will be properly enforced.

“Vaccination opportunities and testing were outside, and I didn’t see anyone without their mask on,” said Velez. “That’s actually one thing I don’t think they enforced. I think the community just took it upon themselves to wear their mask the entire time.”

Readers interested in attending a convention can look up information on

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