Transitioning to Fall on Campus What are People Wearing this Fall in Florida?

By: Katie Zivley

Staff Writer

The start of the fall season marks a change in outfits as students begin wearing fall-themed clothing. Florida’s unique fall weather causes students to dress differently than they would in colder states like New York. 

“In the fall, I enjoy wearing jeans and long sweaters when I go home,” said Maya Singer, a Lynn senior. “But when I’m in Florida, I enjoy wearing shorts and long sleeves.” 

The time between fall and winter in New York City showcases changing leaves giving way to snow as temperatures shift from chilly to cold. People wear oversized coats, jackets, scarves, boots, earmuffs and more to help combat the weather. 

In Florida, it’s the exact opposite. It might get as cold as 65 degrees, but temperatures usually remain in the 70s to 80s throughout the day.

“I love all the cute puffy coats and comfy, fashionable scarves that come with fall,” said Ava Margolis, a Lynn junior.

Many fashionistas are excited about the transition to the fall season because it allows them to dress according to fall trends. Many are gathering outfit ideas from Pinterest to help inspire them for the fall season. The social site has been an excellent source for many clothing inspiration for years.

“I try to center my wardrobe around quality pieces I can get a lot of use out of,” said Hailey Nuber, a senior. “This is a lot easier to do in recent years as more baggy clothes have become popular and I try to keep my wardrobe [as] close to neutral as possible.”

While Florida doesn’t get as cold during the fall as other states, Lynn students still embrace their version of fall fashion. 

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