Smart Nightstand: Less Worrying More Sleeping with The Curvilux

The Curvilux is a nightstand that combines multiple features into one simplistic design that you can have at your bedside.

Curvilux’s main feature is its portable power station. The nightstand has a spot on the surface that can charge all sorts of devices without cables. The nightstand has a USB port built into the surface so a user can use and charge their phone while in bed.

“Not only will you wake up fully recharged, but your devices will also as well. We created a simple and elegant way to remove the clutter and cables and charge up to 3 devices at once through the wireless and USB chargers incorporated,” said The Curvilux Team on a distributing website.

The nightstand also acts as a safe. The Curvilux can be opened through an app where the user can set a time for the drawer to unlock, or the drawer can be opened or locked whenever the user pleases. People can easily lock or unlock their Curvilux from their phone where ever they are.

“I would use something like this for [the] safe feature. Because I can unlock and lock it from my phone, I have easy access to get in the drawer. I can leave valuable items in there and not worry about them getting stolen,” said Jason Epstein, Florida resident.

Curvilux can wake people up using its lights that are located on the back of the nightstand. The user can set the lights to mimic the sunrise. If someone wakes up before the sun rises, they can set the Curvilux to wake them up at any time of day.

“Enhancing your sleep quality is one of our main goals. With Curvilux, you can set a sunrise to wake up every morning at the exact moment you need it! Set your sleeping parameters on the app, and Curvilux will automatically adjust the alarm to wake you up according to your sleeping cycles,” said The Curvilux Team on a distributing website.

The Curvilux is an all-in-one nightstand allowing the user a less stressful way of sleeping and waking up. The nightstand can be of great use to people who want to feel ready to go in the morning. For more information, visit projects/curvilux-the-first-smart-nightstand#/

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