Connecting with Social Media: Communication Students Utilize Social Media to Showcase Proficiency

Students use social media daily to showcase their public relations and advertising abilities to connect with the press and network with businesses across the communications field.

“Social media should be part of any public relations campaign in today’s environment because it is critical that organizations get their messages out directly to the public and this can be accomplished in part with social media,” said Gary Carlin, assistant professor of advertising and public relations. “The same applies to business networking, the platforms might change, but the concepts are the same.”

PR platforms use social media influencers for advertising brands, announcements, locating brand threats and enhancing sales.

“I would describe social media as the essential tool for PR campaigns and advertising around the communication fields and the main benefit of social media regarding PR campaigns and advertising is the simplicity and rapidness of transportation of information,” said Rose Spadaro, junior. “Social media platforms are critical to networking businesses, and I have used my social media platforms to generate an income. Various brands send me compensated products to try and advertise in hopes of increasing sales.”

Public relations works to display a message and using social media helps public relations boost a message through posts that make announcements and provide information.

“Social media has become the priority when trying to spread a message through PR. It proves to be very beneficial as more and more people are more tapped into their smartphones to receive news, especially with fast-growing sites such as Twitter and Facebook,” said Gardith Desauguste, junior. “The communications field is already heavily relevant on social media due to the large audience and little traction to more traditional PR and advertising firms. Everything is at your fingertips in just seconds. Social media uses the core fundamentals of communications which is to relay a message.”

The field of communications will always enhance future advantages and opportunities for businesses and brands, and applying social media into the world of communications will build a more substantial and more beneficial work environment for all involved.

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