Staying Positive During An Injury: Sophomore and Athlete Aurora Good Overcomes Adversity

After being injured continuously, Aurora Good tore her ACL in November 2020 and hopes that she will be back for the next soccer season.

Good was born and raised in Massachusetts, where she played soccer her entire youth until she was injured for the first time back in 2016. It was a potentially career-ending injury, and she was told that she might not play competitive sports ever again. Good struggled with news, but she did not let that end her career and started running again after eight months.

“It was the first time that I had ever faced such a big challenge to succeed in sports, and I did not want it to stop me,” said Good, sophomore.

When Good was back on the field playing, she got a chance to play soccer in Spain, where she spent a couple of months. Right before her first college season at Lynn, Good was reinjured and sat out the whole season.

“Coming to college was already such a big adjustment, and having to go through something like this again was one of the worst things of my life,” said Good. “I struggled to succeed in other parts of my life too because of it.”

Last spring season, everything was going well. Good was back with the team, practicing and getting better mentally and physically. During COVID-19, despite the season’s cancellation, Good continued to work hard throughout the spring and summer and was excited to do what she loves. Last semester, Good tore her ACL and is now in rehab.

“This injury has been showing me how much I still have in my life even without soccer. I am so lucky,” said Good. “It feels good to work hard and to be able to hit little checkboxes while trying to get to my goal next season.”

Despite her injuries, she is well-known for her constant positivity on campus. Good is doing many things to keep her busy and happy. She is working on campus with admissions, spending time with friends, going to the beach and being a significant community member at Lynn.

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