Lending a Helping Hand: Lynn Soccer Player Volunteers at Boca Helping Hands in His Free Time

International soccer athlete and graduate student Merveil Bilomba discussed the many joys of volunteering at Boca Helping Hands.

Originally from Cameroon, Bilomba moved to France with his father and two brothers when he was eight years old. Since then, he has played soccer and pursued his education, which allowed him to join East Tennessee State University. After graduating, he started his master’s degree at Lynn.

“I like the United States, for the fact that here people recognize hard work,” said Bilomba, master’s student. “When you work hard, people acknowledge it, and they will always find a way to support and help you.”

Bilomba has been volunteering at Boca Helping Hands since January. Despite his regular weekly schedule with classes and soccer practices, Bilomba likes to spend his free time in a meaningful way.

“I believe what you give always comes back to you. When you help people, you basically spread positive energy, which at some point will come back at you,” said Bilomba. “It is everyone’s responsibility to make the world better by doing one little thing at a time.”

A typical day at Boca Helping Hands for Bilomba is always different, but his work is usually related to food. He usually spends a lot of time at the warehouse packing food. A big part of his job is to pack breakfast bags for children in need.

“I always like to help people. I think in life overall if I can help you in any way, I will help,” said Bilomba. “To be able to do the same thing for even more people makes me feel like I am doing something bigger than myself.”

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