Weightlifting is No Joke: Lynn’s Athletic Teams Use Weightlifting to Get Stronger

Lynn’s athletic teams continue to utilize weightlifting this spring to improve as collegiate athletes and become physically stronger.

Lynn’s athletic teams are very dedicated to weightlifting as they know the many benefits weightlifting provides. It not only helps athletes become more robust, but it also helps prevent injuries from developing. Many Lynn teams utilize the help of Lynn’s Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Zach Rowell, so that they can weightlift to their best potential.

“The idea behind weightlifting for the collegiate athlete is one based on principle and science,” said Rowell. “We use the weight room/weightlifting for a multitude of reasons, with the main objective of helping student-athletes perform better mentally and physically on their respective playing surfaces. The ability to train athletes based on their sport allows for specific adaptations, with the most important of those being injury prevention.”

While some people might think that only athletes in physical contact sports need
to lift, weightlifting can help athletes of any sport improve. Using different weightlifting routines, athletes of various sports can focus on strengthening the muscles used most often in their sport and traditional lifts that help make their entire body stronger.

“When the girl’s golf team weight lifts, we usually focus more on the lower body.
The golf swing is all about lower body movement, so it evidently makes the golfer drive longer,” said Serena Nguyen, women’s golf athlete. “The golf swing is very complex. Although it looks fast and simple, there are so many mechanics. Each golf swing is unique, and weight lifting provides power!”

Being consistent with one’s weightlifting routine is essential for athletes to receive the full benefits of weightlifting and see improvements during competitions. Many Lynn teams have scheduled lift days throughout their week to get better at weightlifting and reap all the benefits that result from weightlifting regularly.

“The [men’s] basketball team takes lifting very seriously,” said Branden Ellis, men’s basketball athlete. “We lift multiple times a week and lift on our own as well. My favorite lift is the medicine ball toss. I enjoy it because it works the full body and applies directly to my sport.”

With Coach Rowell’s help, all Lynn teams will continue to use weightlifting to become stronger athletes for this spring season.

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