Finding Faith in Times of Crisis: Knights Under Christ Allows Students To Connect Spiritually and Socially

Lynn University believes in the power of co-existence. The school has various religious and spiritual organizations on campus and the Snyder Sanctuary, a place for students and faculty to relax in a peaceful environment and meditate on whatever faith or belief system they have.

Knights Under Christ is one of the most recent religious organizations on campus, which was started three years ago by student-athlete Reese Walker.

Walker is a lacrosse athlete and follower of Christ. Before college, he was a part of the religious organization, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. When Walker got to Lynn, he felt called to start a similar organization, but one for the entire student population rather than just athletes.

“Anyone can come to the meetings! People with or without faith! Anyone,” said Walker, founder and president.

A typical Knights Under Christ meeting starts by simply checking up on everyone and asking for prayer requests.

Afterward, Walker and the members dive into a message from the Bible and talk about it in small groups. The goal is to bring Christ into the student’s everyday lives while also having a support group to lean on.

“I love getting to meet new people each week and hear their walk with Christ because everyone’s story is so different,” said Donya Dreibelbis, sophomore.

The group is a chance for students to meet friends that share similar beliefs and discuss personal struggles. It is a safe space where everyone can rely on one another and pray in times of crisis.

“It is a judge[ment]-free zone. We open up and get closer to one another. In times like these with COVID-19, it is important to have someone or people there for you and helping you,” said Walker.

Knights Under Christ meet as a group every other Monday at 8 p.m. Additionally, the organization commonly attends church together on Sunday.

Due to COVID-19, the location of Knights Under Christ meetings varies. Interested students can check on their Instagram page, @knights_under_christ, for updates on when and where the meetings are held.

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