A Breath of Fresh Air: Learning How the AirVisual Pro will Positively Affect People’s Health

The AirVisual Pro is an air quality monitor that helps consumers take precautions for both indoors and outdoors. It is
available right now and may revolutionize clean air in classrooms, workplaces and more.

AirVisual Pro scans a room using its built-in laser technology. The lasers pick up air particles from 2.5 up to 10 micrometers in size, which can be dangerous to certain people. The air monitor can also detect carbon dioxide, which is important because carbon dioxide can cause illnesses to individuals.

“Particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometers are called inhalable coarse particles. These are the kinds of particles that can irritate your lungs,” said TechGuru, a product review website. “If you suffer from COPD, lung cancer, or asthma, these are the particles that can set off an attack.”

The AirVisual Pro works both indoors and outdoors to allow the consumer to take the necessary precautions to breathe clean air. For example, if the air outside is polluted, the monitor will alert the user how bad the air is. The same goes with indoor air; if someone is cooking and the oils are releasing smoke, the monitor will let someone know that the air is unsafe to breathe.

“Monitoring the air quality is very important for me and my family. My sister has strong asthma, [and] it is difficult to maintain consistently clean air inside our house,” said Jiri Balcar, student. “AirVisual Pro can help us to find even the smallest sources of pollution in our house, allowing all our family members to live a healthier life.”

The data that every AirVisual Pro produces gets processed and is brought into AirVisual’s network for everyone to see. The information is shown through a real-time 3D animated globe where someone can look at how harmful air pollution is. IQAir app is free and allows people to check the air pollution data of their city.

“The result is an incredibly powerful tool that delivers historical, real-time, and forecast air quality information,” said Yann Boquillod, Director of Air Quality Monitoring, in a company video.

Air pollution causes 9% of deaths in the world. The AirVisual Pro warns everyone if the air is unsafe to breathe using its collective data and laser technology so people can take precautions based on what their monitor is showing.

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