Learning About LinkedIn: Students Find Self-Promotional Opportunities On LinkedIn

Utilizing LinkedIn is an excellent way for students to get ahead in the professional world and gain access to future career opportunities.

LinkedIn holds multiple individual opportunities for students worldwide who want to connect, build trust and promote their accomplishments and skills. It is also beneficial for students who wish to gain access to hiring managers and recruiters.

“I try to put all my work experience to showcase my abilities,” said Federica Pezzana, junior. “I believe it is really useful when I’m looking for a job or an internship because the people who are interviewing you can always see what you post but, it is really good for us too because we are able to look at different job opportunities.”

LinkedIn is a vital tool that can add value to your career search. Embracing this app can further students’ chances for a job by showing one’s abilities.

“I use this app to my advantage by connecting with literally every classmate/ coworker and professor I can find and then with the help of Career Connections,” said Xavia Williams, senior. “It’s useful that I can connect with alumni that might be working at a place I’m looking at because they can give me advice and put in a good word for me before an interview.”

The helpful staff members in Career and Alumni Connections, located at the University Center, will guide students through their career paths and give friendly advice on using LinkedIn to join specific groups and network.

“Once you are within a group you are interested in on LinkedIn, you can start to participate in conversations and connect with people with similar backgrounds, interests and others who may already work within the field,” said Robert Nealon, career coach.

For more information regarding LinkedIn, visit career coach Nealon’s video on using LinkedIn effectively: https://lynn. instructuremedia.com/embed/7dc45ce0- fcd0-450f-b8f0-9d56a3ef09be

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