The Grind Never Stops: Lynn Offers Pop-Up Gym For Students To Stay Fit On Campus

Due to the unavailability of gym usage at Lynn for the 2020-2021 academic year, students have found new ways to stay fit on campus.

While student-athletes on campus can maintain strict workout regimens at Lynn, students who are not involved in sports cannot do the same. Many students like to use the campus’ many pathways to go for a run, practice yoga or even enjoy a leisurely walk.

“I like to go on walks around campus a couple of times a week,” said Kathryn Feldman, sophomore.

Many students are forced to turn to other sources to stay fit such as utilizing Lynn’s green spaces to practice various forms of fitness that do not require gym equipment. Other students have found their way to the outdoor fitness pop-up on campus, located on the intramural tennis courts. This pop-up gym has become the short-term replacement for the currently occupied fitness center on the school’s campus.

“Students can use yoga mats, free weights, benches and more in the fresh air,” said Lynn University via Instagram.

In the past years, Lynn’s student body utilized the gym’s amenities quite frequently, making losing the area to a COVID-19 testing site a hard pill to swallow for some students. In order to meet the students’ needs, the pop- up gym was born.

Although facing a patch of adversity in their fitness schedules, Lynn students have become inspired and created innovative ways to stay moving all around campus.

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