An Update on Spring Sports 2021

This spring, a select few Lynn athletic teams will adapt to competing under new rules and regulations that have been established to protect the athletes from COVID-19.

After being unable to compete for almost a year now, some Lynn athletes have already begun participating in competitions due to their sport’s low risk of spreading COVID-19. Currently, swimming, tennis, golf, cross country, track, lacrosse, baseball and softball will compete this spring. Although Lynn athletes are competing, things are not back to normal.

“Social distancing is counter to sport, so competitions at Lynn and throughout the country will exclude locker room use, handshaking, fan attendance and hotel lodging to reduce contact ensure safety,” said Devin Crosby, Director of Athletics at Lynn.

With these new rules in place, Lynn athletes have to adjust to competing in the “new normal” for competitions. Athletes are trying to adapt to wearing a mask while at competitive events and getting their temperature checked before competing. Lynn athletes’ more significant adjustments are becoming accustomed to not being able to hear support from fans since spectators are not allowed to attend.

“Honestly, it is more distracting without spectators,” said Jayden Reece, women’s cross country and track athlete. “Without the noise of them cheering, I focus more on my thoughts and the pain.”

Along with competitive events being altered, many of Lynn’s athletic teams have adopted new competition schedules due to teams unable to travel far to compete. All the competitive events that Lynn athletes are participating in this spring will only be in Florida.

“It is a shame we are unable to compete outside of Florida since being able to travel outside of the state offers a bunch of opportunities for competition,” said Julian Yescas, men’s cross country and track athlete. “Going to meets like Pre-Nationals in California helps us run together as a pack, and that aspect cannot be replicated by staying in the state.”

While Lynn athletes have to endure many changes this spring season, the athletes remain resilient during competitions. For many Lynn athletes, the excitement of competing again makes it easier to adjust to the new rules.

“I think that having to follow extra protocols is worth being able to compete again because if we follow the protocols, the measures will not be worse and no one will get sick,” said Luna Mertins, women’s swimming athlete. “Besides, we can return to normal training faster and finish the season with better results if we uphold the rules now.”

Regardless of all the changes, Lynn athletes are ready to compete hard this spring season. To follow along with the competing teams this spring visit: (

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