A Resident Assistant Speaks Up About Hiring Process

The Fall 2021 resident assistant (RA) application is coming to a close. Serena Nguyen, a current resident assistant at Lynn, decided to give students the inside scoop on the application process.

A RA is a student at Lynn that works within Housing and Residence Life. The focus of RA’s is to make connections between the residents on their assigned floor.

“My favorite part of being an RA is the team I work with,” said Nguyen, junior. “My fellow RAs have the kindest hearts too. I have built amazing, meaningful relationships with many co-workers and it has definitely made the job a way better experience.”

When applying for the RA position, there are a total of four steps. First, attend a mandatory information night. Next, the applicant must submit their application online by the specific deadline. Finally, if the applicant is approved, then they will continue individual interviews and potentially the second-round interview with a presentation. 

“The process from the day I applied to the day I found out I was an RA was about five months long,” said Nguyen. “I had to send in my resume, make it through the interview process, attend a certain amount of RA classes, and then compete against other students for the spots on the team.”

When it comes to being an RA, everyone will have to make accommodations. For example, an RA may have to move their schedule around and switch shifts for a night to help another RA out.

“People should expect making sacrifices when they become an RA,” said Nguyen. “There are going to be many times that one of your co-workers would need you, and they trust you to be there for them.”

The RA process has already begun, which means students interested in applying should be planning and preparing to serve as an RA the following year as it is a long and rigorous process. Interested students can visit this website to learn more about the process:

https://my.lynn.edu/ICS/Campus_Life/ Campus_Groups/Housing_and_ Residence_Life/Public_Page. jnz?portlet=Free-form_Content_2019- 10-29T12-29-23-471 

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