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The Looking Glass Holographic display significantly allows for more immersive presentations inside the classroom and is available right now.

Standard projectors make images look flat and dull. The Looking Glass 8K is an interactive monitor that allows everyone in a room to view pictures with more detail. The presenter can rotate and enhance the 3D object around with their hand.

“The holographic light field display features a best in class 50 degree view cone with seamless super-stereo transition. Without the eye fatigue and ill effects commonly associated with VR or AR, the Looking Glass 8K is optimized for viewers of any visual acuity and age. Everyone can just see it,” said the Looking Glass Factory website.

If this holographic monitor makes its way into classrooms, it will change the way professors lecture and how students present. As the presenter talks, they can move an image around to explain different parts of an object.

“This is the kind of technology we need for the near future,” said Will O’Leary, student. “I feel like schools, jobs or just being home can be useful for us because it’s more like a guide for help.”

The looking glass is also a tool to help 3D artists. It allows the artist to see their work in real-time. Artists will be able to work faster than ever before when using this device.

“There is this whole community of people who are creating 3D works that go in here… what we do at Looking Glass is support them, we integrate with more software, we find ways for people to get their stuff in here and make it look good,” said Alex Hornstein 2019 co-Founder/CTO of Looking Glass in a company statement.

The Looking Glass in classrooms can make a presentation more exciting and enjoyable for students. Images pop out at viewers, and animators will use this to work to see their animation in real-time. 

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