New Year, New Student Body Government

Knights of the Roundtable is Lynn’s student body government. This organization offers leadership opportunities to the student body, promotes school spirit and serves as hosts to campus visitors for important events.


Name: Massimiliano Biancardi Year: Freshman
Major: Entrepreneurship Hometown: Avella, Italy

A peer-described cheerful friend, Massimiliano Biancardi, is the new Student Body President at Lynn University, committed to helping people and communities achieve their potential.

His mission is to enable every student to have the opportunity to make vital changes to improve their academic journey.

By day, he devotes his time and effort
to address relevant issues students may encounter in the community. By night, he is busy engaging with peers and relating with them on a personal level.

Massimiliano is confident of producing positive results for the Lynn family because he is result-driven and extremely passionate about giving back to the community.


Name: Laura Fakhoury
Year: Freshman
Major: International Business Management Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla.

I’m excited to be part of the KOR. I look forward to showing all of you that I care about your interests and your voice.


Name: Camila Garcia
Year: Freshman
Major: International Business Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Hello, my name is Camila Garcia. I’ll be your 2021 student-body secretary and I can’t wait to bring in new and fun ideas.


Name: Dulcie Sonique Fynn Year: Freshman
Major: Political Science Hometown: Ghana

Hi, my name is Dulcie Sonique Fynn, and I am honored to be part of the KOR as a parliamentarian knight at Lynn University. I am from Ghana, a peaceful and culturally enriched country. My major in political science. I look forward to working hard with the KOR team to achieve our goals. Thank you.

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