2020 Technology in Review

Each year technology manages to outdo itself, followed by the inventions that are coming to life, whether it is a smart helmet or even a TV that transforms into a wall painting.

Although Apple has released the iPhone 12 and several other features, numerous gadgets deserve more recognition based on its technology.

The Frame TV by Samsung brings the beauty of a distinguished art collection into any home. With access to over 1,200 works of art, users can find the perfect piece that suits the mood or occasion.

“The Frame isn’t just a beautiful TV. It’s a beautiful piece of art that blends into any room,” said Andrew Sivori, TV Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics, in a company statement. “We are excited to bring stellar QLED picture quality to give consumers a premium experience.”

This product has more than one purpose, such as using it to enjoy entertainment or enhance any home’s aesthetic. The Frame ranges from 43 to 65-inches in size and begins at a listing price of $999.99.

Apple is still managing to boost sales by selling the Lumos Matrix helmets available in white and black. Priced at $249.99, the smart helmet reimagines helmets’ function for those commuting to work or school.

“Design is really about solving human problems, but no one is really looking at [the commuters’] problems,” said Eu-wen Ding, CEO, Lumos Helmet, in a company statement.

This helmet feature a bright front light also has an animated LED panel on its rear to signal turns and brakes to those driving behind them. Bikers can activate the lights with a simple touchpad that can be attached to their bike handlebars.

“It’s crazy to think that such expectations could become a reality with the help of technology. Who knows what products are to come, but I am excited to see what’s in store,” said Emma Carlson, senior.

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