Celebrate the Tradition of the Arts

Lynn’s annual theatre showcase will be back this spring of 2021 with Broadway-style performances.

Like many canceled or postponed events in 2020, last year’s Celebration of the Arts event did not occur. However, according to Adam Simpson, associate professor of drama, the traditional show may look different, but it will happen this spring.

“This year, we will bring back Celebration of The Arts,” he said. “It is going to happen in a nontraditional way, but we are bringing that tradition alive.”

The variety performance-based musical event showcases performances by students, faculty, staff and alumni. For several years now, the event celebrates the artistic talents of the community.

COVID has affected several facets of live theater. However, the drama department has pivoted to creative mechanisms to showcase performers, including utilizing zoom.

“We are no longer available to do traditional theater, so we have pivoted to do shows through video recordings and pre-recorded performances,” said Simpson.

Regardless of the mechanism to showcase Celebration of the Arts, all are encouraged to watch the variety-style musical this spring. 

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