Reminiscing On The Past

Sara McManus, senior, reflects upon her experiences as her final semester at Lynn approaches. McManus, originally from New York, came to Lynn in 2018 to embark on a promising journey. Since then, she has taken multiple responsibilities at the university and helped the students and departments in various ways.

One experience that McManus looks back at fondly is becoming a resident assistant on the EML residence hall and overseeing more than 20 students. She explains that this job comes with multiple responsibilities but also unforgettable memories and experiences.

“Being a student leader on campus has allowed me to meet other students, connect and build meaningful relationships,” said McManus.

McManus is also extremely dedicated to working on her future career as a TV journalist. Throughout her college career, she has focused a lot of her time producing and writing content for Lynn University’s newspaper, iPulse. She has also been able to get jobs in multiple fields and internships with successful companies, making her well known on campus as a hard worker. 

“I have been really focusing on my future and trying to embrace every opportunity the school has to offer,” said McManus. “You only get these years to do the best you can, and I don’t want to waste them.”

McManus is known as a hard worker, but she is also known as an excellent friend. She explains the importance of having friends and how happy she is to harvest meaningful friendships. Without attending Lynn, she would not have had the opportunity to meet the friends she has today.

“I am so happy I chose Lynn because I have some of the best friendships that will last after college,” said McManus.

With big dreams, experience, and a lot of hard work, McManus hopes to finish college and embark on a journey as a successful TV news anchor. Although McManus looks forward to the future, she will always be fond of her past and the memories Lynn has provided.

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