Celebrating Holidays Around the World

Students share their cultural traditions and favorite things during the holidays, including their cultural traditions.

A typical holiday tradition is to spend time with family. But certain practices are different around the country and the world.

Lynn has a healthy international population, and many students celebrate the holidays in different ways. iPulse found out that students love to go back home to spend time with their family but eating homemade food is a highlight.

Karolina Smylek, who is from Poland, shared her holiday traditions. “We never get out the Christmas tree before the 24th, and we all decorate it together throughout the day,” said Smylek. “Then I open the gift with my family on the same day, and with the rest of the relatives we celebrate on actual Christmas day.”

Clara Monges is from France, and she described her family traditions. “I usually open the gifts on Christmas Eve after having a buffet with my family,” said Monges. “We usually hang some Lindt chocolate hanging in the tree for each member of the family, and we listen to Celine Dion Christmas songs.”

Rorie Good is from the United States and describes holiday rituals. “We start the celebration on Christmas Eve by going to my friends’ house, but something that I really like to do on Christmas day is watching the Polar Express and Love Actually while drinking hot chocolate and eating Milano’s cookies.”

Mary Aleman is from Honduras and explains what her family does. “My Christmas is pretty basic, but a specific tradition we have in our family is during New Year’s when my whole family eats 12 grapes when it is exactly 12 a.m.,” said Aleman. “Each grape represents each month, and before eating them, we think of a wish.”

Ella Richardson is from Australia, and she describes a holiday treat that is made each year. “I can’t wait for Christmas because my auntie always makes chocolate ripple cake,” said Richardson. “When it comes to tradition, I definitely love decorating the tree with my family while listening to Christmas songs.”

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