Is Hustle Culture Harmful or Helpful?

Hustle culture is an influential part of American culture. Many people feel like they can never say no, putting their professional work above their mental health. “Hustle culture sets up unsustainable expectations,” said John Boitnott, a journalist at Entrepreneur

Focusing solely on work is stressed heavily in modern culture; between social media posts telling viewers to ‘hustle 24/7’. College students are always discussing their business ventures; people are challenged to put their professional lives above all else. This toxic culture harms the mental health of individuals, especially those in college.

“The “hustle culture” has negatively influenced me in many ways,” said Abby Sears, senior. The biggest is that it gives myself (and society) the idea that if I take the time (even five minutes) out of my day to practice self-care, I won’t be successful as those five minutes I should be devoting to working.” 

Individuals need to find a comfortable balance between their professional life and personal life, so they are not continually grinding away on the job. American culture often equates success with constant work and profit. American core values are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness rather than the pursuit of money and status. 

“I personally believe mental health is as important as physical health, and this culture erodes this idea, making it very easy to forget to take care of ourselves, which can be very harmful,” said Sears.

Often people equate success with status, recognition and money. However, this is not always the key to happiness, especially if it detrimental to an individual’s physical and mental health. It is perfectly acceptable to hustle in a career and to achieve success through hard work. Still, it should never come at the expense of mental health, family, relationships or other health parameters. 

The “hustle culture” encourages work above all else and neglects oneself to achieve wealth and success. The real way to achieve success and happiness is a blend of hard work and also selflove. Whether an individual is a college student or an established worker, one should ensure they are taking time for themselves before, during and after work.

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