Thanksgiving Holidays in 2020

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and in less than a month, some students will be reunited with their families to celebrate the holiday. However, with the pandemic, many plan to stay on campus as COVID-19 worsens around the nation and worldwide.

Lynn gave students the week off in the past, but some students do not have classes off because of the change to block scheduling and for safety precautions. 

“During Thanksgiving, I was going back to Italy, but at the moment, Italy is getting worse, and they have not opened the flights internationally,” said Giorgia Pigiato, sophomore. “I canceled my trip for my family safety and also mine.”

However, students traveling and planning on going “home” for the holidays have a risk of getting COVID-19 if they do not apply safety measures. It is recommended that if students travel, they should make an appointment at the Health Center to get a COVID test.

In the past, students that stay on campus during the holiday break often go to restaurants, hang out in large settings with friends, and go to local hotspots, such as Miami. However, these large gatherings provide a higher chance of contracting COVID-19. 

“I am going back to my family in Miami, but I am going to get tested before going and after because I am well aware of bringing the virus to campus, and [bringing] it to my roommates and friends,” said Masha Feigel, sophomore. “I prefer just doing the test and be more confident.”

Lynn is taking safety measures during Thanksgiving; however, the students need to be completely aware and have their minds on the consequences of not social distancing during the holiday break. 

“I will finish my third term before Thanksgiving,” said Elke Zmuc, junior. “I would be heading to Paraguay immediately. My parents forced me to take the test before leaving Boca because they are well aware that in Florida, the pandemic is worse than in my hometown, so they want to be sure.”

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