Maybe Social Media Is not So Toxic After All?

It is said that social media is “toxic” and “negative.” People tend to paint their lives in a pretty picture or aim for perfection on social media pressuring users to put their best selves on social media platforms. 

Nowadays, iPhone users can even receive a daily report on how much screen time one had for that day. Ninety percent of college students use social networks, according to a study conducted by Mats University. 

“I think social media is both positive and negative,” said Andrew Dean, senior. “For professional use, it can be an amazing tool to enhance your brand, whether it may be a product, service or personal image.”

Social media can be a way to meet people and create relationships, not made otherwise. There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to social media. These platforms allow people to stay connected with friends no matter where their path leads them. 

It brings people together and unites them to achieve specific goals, which leads to positivity within society. Social media is used by many to voice an opinion on non-profit organizations, movements or politics. It can sway a person to donate, advocate and even to vote.

“For recreational use, it has proven to be semi-unhealthy, especially when accessed by younger or impressionable people,” said Dean, senior.

The amount of available social media platforms allows numerous ways to share opinions on politics, making social media a hostile place to be. Politics are a sensitive topic to some and can offend people. One might even “unfriend” a loved one for a lengthy political post with which they disagree. 

“I think social media is negative because it has put so much pressure on individuals to conform to an unrealistic perception [of] society,” said Olivia Dols, senior. 

Watching self-care tips on Tik Tok might be a better option for someone rather than scrolling through Instagram, looking at a model’s body, and comparing themselves to the model. Social media user’s choices create a positive experience on social media. 

“I think social media is positive because it can bring people together,” said Sara McManus, senior. “Especially when the world was shut down, people used social media to talk to each other for support and comfort during uncertain times.” 

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