Shark Bait OOH HA HA

Students share their concerns on swimming in the ocean after Mark Bowden from California was bitten in the leg by a shark during his recent vacation in South Beach. 

Bowden was body surfing near 10th street when he was bitten in the leg by a shark. He did not know what happened at first, but he knew something was wrong and needed to make it to shore. Bowden said the bite felt like a punch in the leg. 

Whenever a shark bite happens, the crowds on the beach lessen.

“I would probably be cautious for sure,” said Kyle Van Pelt, senior. “But with COVID-19, I am not sure the beach is the best place to be right now.” 

Bowden extended his trip to continue healing before getting on a plane with his girlfriend back home to California.

“I think I am definitely going to take a break from swimming,” said Bowen. “But, man, I love southern California beaches and Hawaii and now Miami. I do not think I can stay out of the water. I think at some point. I will be going back in. Plus, what is the chance of having two shark attacks? That’s gotta be zero.” 

Miami Beach Fire Rescue treated him before transporting him to Ryder Trauma Center. His leg was stitched up, and he was released 24 hours later. Bowden thankfully had a quick recovery from the bite.

“I really appreciate everyone’s help,” Bowden said. “They were quick, kind and accommodating.”

If a shark bites someone on the beach, contact emergency professionals for help. Until help arrives, control bleeding by applying pressure. Make sure to keep the person warm and stay on the phone with emergency professionals until they arrive on the scene. 

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