Social Media with no Pressure

Twelv, a new social media platform, was recently launched and introduced to the public, gaining popularity instantly among social media users around the world.

The platform allows the user only to post 12 pictures and connect with people close to them. The platform’s main idea is to get rid of “likes” and followers’ measurements, making the platform free of social pressure.

“Twelv is growing fast,” said David Sarkissov, co-founder of Twelv. “It was created out of an attempt to take the pressure off social media and create a community in which there is no judgment, ads or exploitation of the customers.”

Aside from it being a platform that allows users to step away from the judgment and mainstream social media pressure. Twelv also has a social justice focus to give back to society. The platform charges a membership at $1 per month, which is donated to charitable organizations monthly.

“I have been using it, and I’m still getting the hang of it,” said Sabrina Castro, a user of Twelv. “But so far it has been really fun and gave me a sense of satisfaction knowing it’s also for a good cause.”

Twelv has more than 10,000 users already and is growing at a rapid rate. When it gets to 100,000 subscribers, the company will donate the majority of their profits to charity.

“We are so happy to be able to give back to the community and provide the public with a social media that is not out to harm them,” said Michael Sarkissov, cofounder of Twelv. “It’s a good platform with a charitable cause. What more could you want?”

For more information, visit or visit the App Store.

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