Fashion Shows Go Virtual due to COVID-19

By now, everyone is well-aware of the COVID-19 crisis that has swept the world. Each continent has a reported case of the virus, excluding Antarctica.

People around the world have had to adjust daily routines and their lives overall. Classes at the beginning of the outbreak went 100 percent virtual, and students across the nation had to adapt quickly from in-person schooling to virtual schooling. Another example includes many people having to reroute or cancel regularly scheduled travel to maintain precaution and care. This also applies to the social lives and entertainment such as fashion shows.

“I think fashion shows are very innovative and one of my favorite things to watch,” said Camryn Weinbaum, junior. “It’s going to be great. Can’t wait for it to be seen.”

Entertainment, precisely, in-person entertainment, including concerts and other live shows, quickly needed to adapt to the shift toward virtual living while also producing profit and maintaining consumer support.

“Fashion is such an amazing industry, and a lot of people do not appreciate it enough,” said Emilee Fars, junior.

This also applies to the fashion industry, where notable live gatherings, such as New York Fashion Week and the Louis Vuitton Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear fashion shows, completely went virtual for consumer debut.

“Fashion is an expressive way to show who you really are,” said Matteo Dill, junior.

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