Coronavirus in Europe

International students worldwide are contacting their families and deciding whether they can go back for the winter holidays.

“My flight was canceled, and I am struggling to find another one that
will allow me to go back home,” said Karolina Smylek from Poland. “I am trying to figure out if I should stay here, as going back home also means restricted quarantine for 15 days.”

This fall, COVID-19 cases in Europe started to go up. More restrictions are being taken in different countries, and some students are worried about traveling home.

After a lovely summer where there seemed to be few cases in Europe, from the end of September onward, it appears that cases are rising again.

Many new precautions have been taken, including quarantining if coming from other countries for the holidays. Additionally, traveling is not allowed unless it is for an important reason.

“If the situation does not get better, I am worried that once I go back, I will not be able to come back in here in January,” said Clara Monges from France. “It all depends on the restriction the U.S. will create, too.”

Some students had to change their flight to get home for the holidays.

“My December flight got canceled, but I could find one in November, so I applied for remote instruction for the last Block, but at least I can go back home and spend Christmas with my family,” said Eleonora Borri from Italy.

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