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Tonight Marks the Annual Haunted Halls and Halloween Ball at Lynn!
Tonight Marks the Annual Haunted Halls and Halloween Ball at Lynn!

Students are in for a treat this evening as Housing and Residence Life (HRL) teams up with the Student Activities Board (SAB) for what is speculated to be the most frightening event on campus.

Whether it may be walking through a creepy carnival, haunted forest, massacred, asylum or a spin off set of the hit television show “Walking Dead,” there are no guarantees that students will be able to sleep tonight after walking through all of the disturbing Haunted Halls on campus.

Due to an outstanding amount of attendance last Halloween, HRL and SAB decided to make both the Haunted Halls and the Halloween Ball annual events for students to indulge in the festivities for the highly anticipated holiday, Halloween.

Gary Pelletier, community adviser of Freiberger and senior, is co-planning both events with SAB On-Campus Event Coordinator and sophomore, Nikkie Fevola.

Fevola reached out to many clubs and organizations in order to extend the invitation of student volunteers to participate in tonight’s events.

Be sure to look out for members of SAB, HRL, Drama Club, Zeta Beta Tau, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Theta Phi Alpha, Alpha Phi Delta, Blue Notez, Black Student Union and Gay Straight Alliance who will be dressed to impress in horrifying costumes throughout the halls, or will be helping out at the Halloween Ball.

“The idea was to get clubs and organizations together and co-host with HRL and SAB for the Haunted Halls event, which would take part before the SAB Halloween Ball,” said Pelletier. “We have the event set up so that the Haunted Halls will take place in all of the lobbies of each residence hall, and the Halloween Ball will take place at the Residence Hall quad area.”

Considering the residence halls are in steep competition with each other, students cannot wait to go all out with decorations and costumes in hopes to win the Excalibur Cup event.

“We will be voting on which hall is the scariest,” said Pelletier.

Each month HRL hosts a new event that is open for students who reside in any of the five residence halls on campus. Students compete for the house cup that is awarded to the residence hall with the most amounts of points at the end of the year. Points are given for the number of attendees at each event and also to the residence hall that wins each competition. This month, each building has spent the past few weeks working with hall councils and other clubs and organizations to create the most terrifying hall that students will ever step foot in.

“HRL tries to see what the residents would want to see in each hall,” said Ruth Augustin, Community Adviser of Trinity Residence Hall and senior. “Trinity is having a creepy carnival this year, and we want to make sure that it’s the scariest.”

Lynn’s Annual Haunted Halls and Halloween Ball returns again to scare students silly this Halloween Season . LU Photos.
Lynn’s Annual Haunted Halls and Halloween Ball returns again to scare students silly this Halloween Season . LU Photos.

With so many student volunteers being involved in the behind-the-scene work that must take place, a large amount of time and dedication is put towards creating these two events.

“I love setting up before the program starts, because you get to see the halls before it all comes to life, and to see all of the hard work that each building puts into making the students have a fun experience,” said Andrea Schwartzkopf, Drama Club liaison for Freiburger Residence Hall and senior. “I am a huge ‘Walking Dead’ fan so I can’t wait to be apart of that world in Freiburger.”

The Haunted Halls will kick-off the eventful night at 7:30 p.m. in the lobbies of all five residence halls, followed by the Halloween Ball starting at 8 p.m., and will carry on until 11 p.m.

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