Disposable Face Mask Success

Before COVID-19, face masks were used only by medical professionals, however when COVID-19 became a pandemic, many were required to use face masks during daily life.

Face masks are worn worldwide and many places have made wearing a mask mandatory in public places. Some face masks are single-use, meaning it will only be worn for one day, and after it must be thrown away to practice good hygiene. As the pandemic continued, people saw that face masks are a priority and began to look for face masks that are recyclable or washable.

“I am a big fan of recycling products, this is because we need to help the earth to maintain more and more alive, ‘’ said Sofia Sorondo, freshman. “I love to use a disposable face mask, and [it] helps me feel much better.”

Terracycle is a social enterprise that is eliminating the idea of waste. TerraCycle turns ocean plastic into new products and teaches the community to recycle.

“When I was in school I learned about TerraCycle because they [taught] us the basic information we need to know about [recycling],” said Giorgia Pigiato, junior.

Now people are seeing that face masks will be in our life for a long time, that’s why many clothing companies and supermarkets are selling more recyclable and washable ones.

“For me, it is so much better using a disposable mask,” said Lula Prada, freshman. “I can wear it many times and if it is dirty, I can just wash it and that’s it.”

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