Netflix Receives Intense Backlash for “Cuties”

Netflix recently released their controversial film, “Cuties,” causing heated backlash on Twitter over accusations of the film glorifying the sexualization of underage girls. 

The film, which won an award at the Sundance
Film Festival, takes place in Paris, where a Senegalese girl raised in a conservative family joins a provocative dance group to find her freedom. In the process, the group rapidly grew in popularity, causing her family to become aware and upset about her dance group involvement. 

Upon its release, the hashtag #CancelNetflix rose to #1 on Twitter’s trending page as users 

showed harsh concern about the message and themes presented in the film. 

“Netflix has lost their damn mind,” said user @esperermonde via Twitter. This same user posted a clip under the movie’s tweet, where the main protagonists are shown dancing provocatively in a crowd of adults. 

A petition has been created to request Netflix to remove the film off the platform, and it currently has more than 400,000 signatures. Many of the petitioners have also decided to cancel their subscription as a call to action  to pressure Netflix to remove the film from its platform. 

“Probably will not get @netflix again for a long while since they choose to leave “Cuties” up for streaming. #CancelNetflix,” said user @ MrsAselin via Twitter. 

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