Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Delicious Dishes in South Florida

There are countless restaurants in South Florida to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. These five featured restaurants serve some of the best Hispanic dishes from Mexico, Peru, Spain and Latin American countries.

“It’s so exciting to know that there’s restaurants celebrating my culture near our school,” said Nathalia Garcia, senior. “It makes me feel closer home.”

Bakan is a Mexican restaurant located in the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood. This restaurant has an inviting atmosphere due to its open-pit kitchen and four-story display of tequila. With the chef being from Veracruz, he brings authenticity to the restaurant.

“I have always wanted to try Bakan in Miami,” said Jose Caro, senior. “I’ve heard such good things about it.”

Osaka Nikkei is a Peruvian restaurant in Miami that uses Japanese technique to provide more than just food to the customer, but an experience. The first Osaka Nikkei in the United States arrived in December 2019, but it is well known internationally in Quito, Santiago, Asuncion, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Bogota.

Carlos Centurion of Spain created Bulla Gastrobar as a place for people to dine and enjoy Spanish cocktails. Their most famous dishes are the patatas, bravas, huevos bulla, cod fritters and more.

Additionally to Bulla Gastrobar, Pisco

and Nazca was born in 2015. Located in Miami, this Peruvian cuisine is all about the environment within the restaurant. From the decorations to dining and spirits, it exudes a social atmosphere.

“Pisco y Nazca seems like such a fun place to be,” said Ashley Inoa, junior. “I would want to go with my friends sometime.”

While deciding on the three-sectioned menu of small plates, ceviche and background plates, one may find themself looking at the built-in screens and LCD projectors. The restaurant has seating options in an open flow dining room, outdoor patio and a private room.

Joining Bakan in Wynwood is Veza Sur Brewing Company, a Latino brewery. The brewery has numerous beers from Latin America. The brewery is decorated with items from various Latin American countries.

Take a trip to Miami this month and indulge in some of the best Hispanic eats.

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