Your Voice, Your Vote.

In less than one month, the United States presidential election will occur, however, some students find the process stressful and, as a result, young voters might think their vote does not matter.

The United States has one of the lowest rates of youth voter turnout in the world. While the share of American voters appears to be rising in the number of young people, the number is slim compared to older citizens.

“Younger people don’t vote because the registration process is too long,” said Jacob Castillo, senior. “The younger generation does not have the attention span to go through it all.”

There has not been a sole reason for why younger people do not vote. At Lynn, some students are not interested in politics. Some feel as though their options are skewed but others believe voting is the most important thing to do as an American citizen.

“I think a lot of young people don’t vote because they are confused,” said Reagan Fox, senior. “They’re confused about how to vote, where to go and how voting works in general.”

Reagan Fox is working with the Campus Election Engagement Project Fellowship to make the voter registration process easier for Lynn students. He hopes that one day Lynn is a place where voting is encouraged.

Evidence shows that making voting mandatory gets more people to the polls. When asked if voting should be required, many students were divided on the subject. Some saw the possibility while many did not want their freedom of speech taken.

“I do think it should be required because we’ll have a more accurate number of who America wants to lead them,” said Cierra Walker, senior.

“I would love to say yes but I’m going to say no,” said Fox, “It’ll be ten times harder. Look at how they’re reacting to wearing a mask.”

Right around the corner from the election, it seems the American students still have a lot to discuss.

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