Constitution Day: Your Voice, Your Vote

Lynn University recently hosted a virtual seminar celebrating Constitution Day to educate students on the importance of voting and the history of the United States Constitution. 

On Sept. 17, 1787, the delegates of the Constitutional Convention signed the document establishing the supreme law of the land that has governed the United States for hundreds of years. Constitution Day is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution. 

This year, Project Civtas collaborated with Pulse Agency, the Lynn Library, Lynn Student Affairs and The League of Women Voters to make Constitution Day a virtual celebration. Professors Gary Carlin and Joanna Sackel, Dr. Robert Watson, Dr. Timea Varga and student leader Reagan Fox led the program.

The virtual event began with the history of the United States Constitution while stressing the importance of voting.

“Every four years, we often say that the election will be the most important of our time,” said Dr. Watson, political science professor. “However, the 2020 election really is the most important of our time because the outcome will impact future generations for decades.”

Every four years, the United States engages in a presidential election. In 2016, voter turnout was extremely low for younger generations. According to the Ottawa Herald, 27.8% of eligible voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton, 27.4% for Donald Trump, while 41.4% of eligible voters did not vote. Reagan Fox explained that voters might have not realized that they were eligible to vote.

“I remember sitting in my Civics class in high school hearing about an upcoming election,” said Fox, senior. “I was not informed about the election and I realized that many other students my age were not aware of the election process either. That’s when I decided to educate myself and others about registering to vote.”

The seminar continued to educate students about how to register specifically in Palm Beach County or in their respective home states. The League of Women Voters also told listeners about voter registration deadlines, requesting an absentee ballot and mail-in voting. The League recommended that voters mail their ballot no later than Oct. 27 so that the United States Postal Service can deliver the ballots to county election centers for votes to be counted.

For more information about voting and registration deadlines, visit, or The League of Women Voters of Florida at

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