Road to Reopening

Lynn athletes keep working out even though the University sport structures are closed. Gym memberships and home workouts have never been so useful during COVID-19.

The Lynn Fighting Knights practices started on Sept. 23 for the student-athletes who completed all their required forms and received an all-clear. The campus gym is closed due to safety restrictions. However, this is not stopping the students from working out on their own. Around campus, student-athletes running around to keep themselves trained. The most common hours are in the morning or at night.

“As I could not swim, I still needed to keep my body moving so I would go for runs in the morning before class so that I could start the day well and be tired enough to go to sleep at night,” said Karolina Smylek, women’s swimming athlete.

Some athletes got new cheap gym memberships for students as the fitness centers know that athletes are not able to train. Consequently, they offer great deals to college students to practice their sport and workout.

“I ended up joining a gym for $10 as a student. I cannot spend more time without being active and doing my workout,” said Aurora Good, women’s soccer athlete.

”During quarantine, I was not able to go to the gym, so I started to work out at home,” said Mary Aleman, a sophomore. “As the Lynn Fitness Center is still closed, I am still working out in my dorm room by watching videos from my iPad. It is really easy to find a lot of home workout online during this period.”

COVID-19 is challenging for all the athletes that want to work out but are not able to because of safety precautions and social distance policies. However, being active does not require much effort as it is possible to go for a run or doing an online workout anywhere, anytime. Stay updated for more news on COVID-19 and check the Lynn Roadmap website via

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