Lynn for the Comeback

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the first training for all sports was delayed to Wed., Sept. 23.

All athletes have been through physical tests in the past two weeks to make sure they are ready to start their sports activities. Because of COVID-19, a lot of precautions will be taken. The gym is closed, and the fitness practices will be done outdoor, where some rest places in the shadow will be available.

“The athletes will play their sport while social distancing and only a specific number of students will be allowed on the different fields based on the sport played,” said Head Athletic Trainer, Sarah Fraska.

All the athletes live in the same buildings on campus and share the same halls, as they will be spending time in the same places anyway. Athletes are housed in Trinity and De Hoernle Residence Halls. Despite that, they will also get tested in the Lynn Fitness Center that is now used by CVS for COVID-19 testing to make sure that everyone is safe.

“The athletics department has already scheduled different stages so that it will be possible to have the Lynn Student-Athletes to keep playing for as much as possible and have them ready and strong for the Spring Season,” said Women and Men’s Tennis Coach, Mike Perez.

Unfortunately, some teams will not compete as Lynn University has many international students who were not able to come back for the fall semester. However, some athletes will arrive by the end of September, and other athletes in January. Many new first-year students are excited to start their sports college experience. Most students have been practicing on their own during the summer, and now they are waiting to restart their training.

“We can’t wait to start again,” said Women’s Swimming Team Athlete, Karolina Smylek.

Despite the circumstances, the Lynn Fighting Knights will never stop persevering and working towards achieving their goals, remembering their motto: spirit, service and strength.

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