Bolster Your Resume with Wellness Certificates

The Office of Student Wellness is starting a new Wellness Certification Program at Lynn this fall as an opportunity for students to learn skills they need to be emotionally healthy adults.

Handling stress in healthy ways, overcoming resistance to change, and feeling comfortable asking for help are skills that students can expect to learn. This certificate can be used as an opportunity for helping fields such as psychology, education, and social work to build their resume. However, the program is open to all students who wish to challenge themselves in self-development, reflection, communication and learning how to apply new skills to their daily life.

“Personally, wellness is my core value, and it is something I truly care for and am passionate about,” said Pratima Thami, student wellness educator.

As a student wellness educator, Thami works with the Office of Student Wellness to promote healthy choices among fellow students. She will be attending the sessions and training to complete her wellness certificate.

“I am looking forward to all the sessions,” said Thami. “They all seem to be very interesting and helpful for me.”

The Office of Student Wellness will host ten zoom workshops in conjunction with the students’ choice of one of the three Student Affairs competency keynotes. The workshops run from Sept. 14 to Dec. 2, but students can make up any missed workshops in the following semester. The last step in the process is a final comprehensive reflection activity and a career and resume articulation dialogue. Zoom links for the required workshops will are available on

The Office of Student Wellness’ Campaign for the month of September,
reflection activity and career/resume articulation dialogue will be individually scheduled when the time comes.

To learn more about the Wellness Certification Program, contact Charlotte Muriel at 561- 237-7955 or

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