Movies and TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Your Favorite Authors Are Getting Major Screen Adaptations 

Spending your days surfing video streaming services during self-isolation is the new normal, and watch-lists are becoming smaller every day during the quarantine. Here are a few movies and TV shows that you can now add to your watchlist with the bonus that they are all based on books.


This movie was once remade in 1996, and a new version has come out in 2020. The original book was written and published by Jane Austen in 1815. It is one of the original versions of the romantic comedy. It tells the story of the romantic meddling with funny twists and turns. 

“I eagerly anticipate any Austen movie. But Emma took a lot of liberties from the book and characterized Emma as much more malicious than she was in the book,” said Amy Filiatreau library director at Lynn Library.  

Even though “Emma,” can be a bit tedious to watch both the aesthetic and nature shots can almost make it worth it. 

Where to watch? Rent it on Amazon Prime or YouTube

 Gone Girl  

Both the movie and the book and has so many plot twists. The “Gone Girl” movie that is not loosely based on the book but instead captured those events and scenes that were important in the book. “Gone Girl” is a fresh take on a psychological thriller. 

Where to watch? Hulu and Amazon Prime 

 Lord of the Rings Trilogy 

This is a well-known trilogy; the books are a long read. The movie was captured the essence of the books. “Lord of the Rings” trilogy depicts the well-known hero’s journey with a bit of flair that comes with fantasy and science fictions. Each movie is almost three hours long, so it takes some time to move through the series.

Where to Watch? Amazon Prime  

Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu is meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time in their home back in Singapore where they plan to spend the whole summer. After arriving, Rachel finds out that they are ridiculously wealthy. The book is full of details about both the magnitude of their wealth, surrounds and the people that they meet. The movie does an amazing job of depicting the eccentric details of the book. 

Where to Watch? Hulu or HBO NOW 

Big Little Lies

The characters in “Big Little Lies” each in their own way seem to be perfect but as it transitions you can see the deep flaws that they have by their interactions with the family. It begins with the ending and when the true ending is revealed it not only makes sense but are also supportive of all the decisions made throughout the series.

Where to Watch? Hulu and HBO NOW

Alias Grace

Although this is a limited series by Netflix, it is worth a watch. It shows how even when all hope is gone, if only one person tries to understand without judgment it can change everything. Even though it ends to soon it has a logical ending that leaves viewer satisfied. 

Where to watch? Netflix 

Little Fires Everywhere 

This is one of the most recent books to TV series adaptions that has come to streaming services. It goes through similar themes as the show Big Little Lies of motherhood and interactions with their families as explanations for their actions. But what also dives deeper into the relationship that exists between mothers and what drives their decision making. The adaptation took many liberties from the storyline of the book, “They changed too many of the major plot points, especially the ending,” said Stacy Alesi, information desk librarian at Lynn Library. 

Where to watch? Hulu 

The Haunting of Hill House  

Based on the book by Shirley Jackson it follows the traumatic accounts of the Crain family and their experience of living in a haunted mansion. It goes back from the past to the present covering both the haunting and the aftermath of the hauntings. 

The first season seemed to be loosely based on the book, but it does carry the typical campfire ghost story vibe. Many viewers say it’s one of the most unsettling television series they have ever watched,” said Alison Leonard, online learning librarian at Lynn Library. 

Recommended for anyone who is looking to distract themselves with a new series. 

Where to watch? Netflix and Amazon Prime

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