Lynn’s Women’s Soccer Team Sees Abrupt End to Their Season due to COVID-19

Athletes and Coaches Train during Self-isolation

Coronavirus sent the Lynn women’s soccer team home in the middle of March with all NCAA sports canceled for the remainder of the academic year.

Now that the team has abruptly had their off-season end, they are all at home learning how to train by themselves. The off-season is a very important time for an athletic team in college. It is when athletes work on becoming stronger, faster and work on important things as a team.

“During these times apart, our coach put together ways we can stay connected, with weekly zoom meetings,” said Kyla Gill, sophomore. “It helps bring together our new players with returners even if we are scattered around the world right now.”

With gyms, parks, and beaches closed around the country the Lynn University Women’s soccer team is very limited to where they can train, and how they can stay connected. Head coach John Markey holds meetings, and the strength coach Brian Tarantin and athletic trainer Andrew Lalli are constantly putting together tailored optional workouts for the team.

“We have come up with some educational but also fun ways to compete with each other,” said Markey, head coach. “We divided the team into 6 groups, and through a series of optional fun challenges we are staying connected and enjoying catching up each week.”

Markey holds meetings every Thursday at 3 p.m. to help the team stay connected. During the meetings, a friendly competition is held with the groups assigned throughout the team. The first week involved presentations and videos put together by the women’s team and an upcoming competition to see what group can run 26 miles in total the quickest.

“During this time of uncertainty athletes should continue to make it a priority to stay on top of their fitness goals in preparation for the fall season,” said Tarantin, strength coach. “Also, staying active has numerous health benefits mentally and physically.”

Tarantin prepares tailored workouts for anyone who ask him. Each workout is put together based on what equipment and space the girls have. Lalli sends out hip mobility and stretching exercises to help the girls stay mobile when unable to exercise.

The coaching staff is helping the team stay connected, engaged, and healthy by giving the athletes everything they can to help them succeed during the pandemic.

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