Junior Shares Thoughts on Sustainability

Shasmy Daly Promotes Mindfulness and Awareness 

As president of the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC), junior Shasmy Daly is continuing to practice sustainability at her friend’s house during the global COVID-19 pandemic and believes that it is important for her peers to do the same.

Even though there are some challenges, Daly ultimately believes that being in quarantine makes it easier to practice sustainability. 

“Personally, I am not transporting myself as much or spending time outside of the house,” said Daly. 

To the general public she believes that it can be just as easy for them if they maintain the mindset for it. 

It might not seem like much, but she is doing little things to stay on a track of sustainability while she is at her friend’s home. Daly is recycling, keeping the water off as much as possible and doing the same thing with lights. 

“I am also working on making some sustainable plans now that I have the extra time,” said Daly. 

While Daly is doing her part to be sustainable, she is facing challenges in other ways. One of her presidential duties of the SSC is to start initiatives and serve as a bridge between students and department heads that could support ideas regarding sustainability on campus. 

“I am very focused on spreading sustainable measures and awareness on campus so it’s challenging to maintain that under the current circumstances,” said Daly. 

To people who wish to be sustainable at home Daly has recommendations on how to do their part as an individual. 

Daly urges individuals to practice the three Rs. “Reducing, reusing, and recycling,” said Daly. “during these times it would be more convenient for anyone to reduce usage and reuse items.” 

“It is important because our planet is at stake. We are talking about affecting every single living being by our careless actions,” said Daly. “I don’t believe we should point fingers and try to figure out who’s [at] fault it is but instead, come together to make a change because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who helped. At the end of the day we either have a planet or we don’t.” 

Daly was inspired by her boss, Zach Minich, assistant project manager at the Office of Constriction and Sustainability who founded the Student Sustainability Committee, due to the lack of such a committee for students to voice their environmental concerns. 

To get involved outside of practicing sustainability in one’s free time, follow @lynn_goinggreen on Instagram or contact Daly at (954) 702-3472 to learn more about the Student Sustainability Committee. 

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