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Little Dreamers Academy Raises Funds For New School

Little Dreamers Academy, a school based in Uganda, was founded by Solomon and Sophie Mugambe in 2016 to build an innovative, replicable and equitable education model that others can use to make lifelong learning a reality across the African continent.

Growing up, the Mugambe’s, married business partners, noticed the education system in Uganda was based on memorization, leading students to lack confidence, communication and innovation. Furthermore, many people in the community had to walk more than five miles to reach the nearest school.

“The future of the African continent depends on its ability to hone the skills and talents of its ever-growing population,” said Mr. Mugambe. “However, the current Ugandan and general African education system is outdated in its methods and it is not preparing children for life after school. “Quality education still remains an illusion to many of Uganda and Africa’s children. This formed the basis to founding Little Dreamers Academy.”

Little Dreamers Academy is an innovative model that prepares children age three through 12 to be the breadwinners of tomorrow as well as community contributors and civic leaders. Part of the strategy of the school was the creation of a curriculum focused on enabling children to practice developmentally appropriate basic and advanced skills in areas of communication, creativity and innovation. The model was implemented alongside the government set curriculum.

“Since 2016, we rented premises and setup a campus where we now have 150 children enrolled based on the capacity and space available,” said Mr. Mugambe. “These children are receiving holistic and quality education preparing them to keep in school and for life after school. We currently have our retention rate at 100% – a zero dropout rate.”

Little Dreamers Academy is working on making lifelong learning a reality. Currently, Little Dreamers Academy rents the school they are located at. However, they recently purchased land in order to build a new school from scratch. During the next two years, Little Dreamers aims to impact 500 children directly as well as become a model for other schools in the community.

Priscilla is an eight-year-old girl who joined Little Dreamers Academy in 2018. On her first day at school, Priscilla was amazed at how different Little Dreamers Academy was as a school, which made her somewhat nervous but excited given the various new activities ranging from study tours, swimming lessons, and skill building days among other new activities.

Priscilla felt the school was not only pushing her out of her comfort zone; getting her actively participate in class activities but also was surrounded by caring teachers and friendly children which she had not seen at her previous school. She is also a member of the school children’s choir and aspires to become a doctor in future to provide health care services in her community.

“Children are the future leaders and change-makers of the Uganda,” said Mr. Mugambe. “Without quality early and continuing education, their individual lives, their families and the region are at significant risk to fall further behind in a globalizing world and suffer the fate of so many others under the current inadequate system.”

Little Dreamers Academy is seeking partnerships who can help advise, guide, invest, and champion this easy to implement model of education in Africa. Little Dreamers Academy is raising $150,000 in order to complete the project.

For more information, contact Solomon Mugambe at solomon@mentorcoachempower or Sophie Mugambe at skmugambe@gmail.com. Follow Little Dreamers Academy on Instagram @littledreamersacademyuganda. To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/build-little-dreamers-academy?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet.

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