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Lynn Student Selected To Attend Conservative Workshop

Lynn Senior Jose Uribe was recently invited by the non-profit organization, Prager U, to participate in their a 10-day International Prager force retreat.

Prager U is an organization that aspires to share and expose philosophical, political and economic topics to students and young people to supplement knowledge gained in the classroom.

Uribe grew up as a conservative in his home country of Colombia. He has campaigned for two right-winged presidential candidates Óscar Iván Zuluaga in 2014 and Iván Duque in 2018. Uribe is a believer of the conservative movement, which strives to promote traditional views and practices in politics.

“I got involved with Prager U back in 2017 coming out of high school,” said Uribe.  “I have been involved with Prager U for a couple of years and have helped them reach students in my country Colombia as well as helping them with local events in Florida like Turning Point USA and The David Horowitz foundation.”

Due to Uribe’s involvement with Prager U in 2017, he was selected to participate in the conference.

“I got flown into Los Angeles, California. I was in the Prager U offices together with 10 other students form different Nations doing workshops that included recording personal statements about our self’s and our countries current situation,” said Uribe.

During his week at the organization, Uribe assisted several workshops where students learned about social media management and ways to expand Prager U’s global reach. Additionally, he recorded a fireside chat alongside renowned American radio host, Dennis Prager. As well as being on his radio show that was heard nationwide, Uribe got an invitation from Ben Shapiro to visit the Daily Wire offices.

“Having the opportunity to visit the largest right-wing media outlet headquarters was a complete surprise,” said Uribe. “We had no idea that we were [going to] meet Ben Shapiro and nevertheless get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.”

Uribe encourages anyone interested to visit out for more information.

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