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Growing up Does not Mean Letting go of the Childhood Instincts!
Growing up Does not Mean Letting go of the Childhood Instincts!

It is happening: we are all growing up. As I sit here and write about the traits we as kids possessed, it takes me on a trip through memory lane leaving me with a nostalgic feeling, and somewhat sad.

Growing up is the inevitable. There is nothing anyone can do or say to prevent it, and while most of us look forward to it, and of course telling our parents at least once, “When I turn 18, I’m moving out, I’ll be legal,” there is a sense of pondering sadness that gets stringed along with it.

Suddenly there is nothing to protect you when you graduate from college, it is just you and this big world. Still, there are certain qualities that should never be left behind, no matter how old you get.

Make sure to stay curious, marvelous things can come from it. What you discover may not always be pleasing, but there is also a chance it holds something great. It sparks your sense of wonder and can give you the answer that you have been hopelessly searching for.

Never lose your sense of adventure, and if you have, go out there and find it. In today’s society, it is so easy to fall into a daily routine: wake up, school, eat, work, watch TV and go to bed. That needs to stop, now.

Embrace your inner Indiana Jones, and get out there to change it up. Try a food stop that is tucked away; even if it is in your own backyard, just get out there and try something new.

Myatt holds onto her childhood. Staff Photos/ C.Myatt.
Myatt holds onto her childhood. Staff Photos/ C.Myatt.

Appreciate the little things. If there is one thing children know how to do, it is appreciate what others do for them. The reason kids are so great at this is because they are not constantly worrying about what they do not have, but take the time to live in the moment and admire the things that they do have.

If there is one thing in life to always keep with you, it is the art of appreciation.

Last but not least is to be playful. Today, life is taken so seriously. Money, status, relationships, grades and constant worry about the future passes through each and everyone’s minds daily.

It is said that adulthood sucks the fun out of life, when in reality, that is only because we make it that way. Children are always having fun and being happy because life is still a game to them. It is a fun new adventure every morning that they wake up.

Embrace the simple treasures in life; whether it is with others or yourself. Be playful and unleash your inner kid.

We may be growing up, but in the end, do not forget the lessons you learned as a child. Embrace them and carry them with you as you

Clairissa Myatt

Clairissa Myatt is an alumna from Lynn. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism and a minor in sports management. Over the past year, Myatt has had amazing writing opportunities. From being published in a national magazine for youth sports to being a contributing writer for Elite daily, she is eager for what the future holds for her career. With a passion for fitness and writing, she hopes to be able to combine those two things into a career that never leaves her with a boring day at the office.

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