Raising Awareness in 2020

Lynn Students Make Their First Wildlife Documentary

A group of students and alumni led by Bryan Nakambonde, junior, are planning on producing a documentary on black rhinos to create awareness about the effects of poaching in Africa in summer 2020.

With the new year and new decade just around the corner, this group is working toward creating one impactful year. The group is currently engaged in preproduction talks, while simultaneously gathering the funding to bring this documentary to life.

“I run an organization called Umwe which I started with my best friend,” said Nakabonde. “Our goal is to get news and information to the African youth in ways that actually grab their attention.”

Nothing connects the youth together more than other youth. Through collaboration, the concept of the documentary is being solidified. The route that the young filmmakers want to take is more of a Vice documentary style, with social issues at the forefront.

“I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to participate in such a project,” said Mia Tippenhauer, sophomore. “I will be able to get to do what I love by helping others.”

The next step for these amateur filmmakers is to start to gather funds. This process will not be complete until early 2020. The planning phase will lead up until the actual production phase when the group travels to Namibia and South Africa to shoot.

“I always tell my students to take every opportunity to film and to gain experience,” said Nava Dushi, professor. “This gives the students a chance to go out and advocate directly through the means of a documentary.”

The finished product will be done in late 2020 or even early 2021. Making a 30-minute documentary is no easy feat. With much planning and precise execution, this group will bring awareness about poaching in Africa for all to see.

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