Lynn 2020

President Ross Looks Forward To The Future 

President Kevin M. Ross has made improvements to Lynn University since being appointed and has additional plans for 2020 and the decade to come.  

Lynn has changed in recent years, and the school’s administrators are excited about what the university has accomplished. Since Lynn’s strategic 2020 goals were aschieved in 2018, the university is now looking toward its Lynn 2025 goals which will start the new decade off on the right foot. President Ross and Lynn are excited about the university’s bright future. 

“United we are stronger, and we are ready to face any challenge that comes our way,” said Ross. 

In the last year, the school claimed its 25th NCAA national title, opened the $35 million state-of-the-art Christine E. Lynn University Center and recorded its largest incoming class, number of applications and overall enrollment. These wonderful marks show a clear course of aggressive and innovative growth which is nothing short of the norm for the school. 

“I am here for the students,” said  Ross. “I believe that each and every one of them has potential and that makes me restless wanting to help them realize their goals.”

President Ross is very excited about Workday, an enterprise resource planning software and also Magic Leap, a brand new, cutting-edge spatial computing hardware and software. Both of these products will be integrated at Lynn within the next year and will revolutionize both the learning and customer service experience.

Other goals that will happen within the next year include the opening of the new Snyder Wellness and Fitness Center and the beginning of the new residential plan.

“The most important thing for the university right now is keeping enrollment up and retaining students,” said Ross. “Making sure the students are happy and successful at Lynn is crucial.”

President Ross implores students to interact with Lynn and give feedback through surveys and communication with staff which will allow the school to cater to students’ needs. The school’s administration is constantly brainstorming new ideas and technologies so there is no way to know what exactly will be achieved between now and 2030. 

The next decade will be rejuvenating for the school, there will be new majors, new partnerships, projects and student programs that are aimed at making Lynn the most technologically advanced, innovative and productive university in the country. 

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