Fashion Blast From The Past

The Evolution Of Runway Shows At Lynn University

Lynn is preparing to celebrate its upcoming  17th  annual  spring  fashion show  in  the  Wold  Performing  Arts Center  to  honor  almost  two  decades of continued success. 

In the spring of 2004, Lisa Dandeo, associate professor and  coordinator  of  the  Fashion  and Retail Program at Lynn, organized the first ever fashion event titled “Fashion World Tour Trends Around the Globe.” Interestingly  enough,  a  lot  of  the earlier shows took place in the Green Center. 

“This [the Green Center] is where the original library was located and we only had the black screen to work with,” said Dandeo, professor. 

For both the third and fourth annual spring fashion shows, Dandeo along with  her  fashion  and  retail  students  surprised  the  audience  with  a  change of scenery. 

“Every spring semester, students in the fashion show production class are presented with the task and challenge of upstaging the event from the prior year,” said Dandeo. 

 The class of 2006 named their show “An Explosion of Color” and decided to  hold  it  at  the  Sports  and  Cultural Center, while the 2007 students agreed on  carrying  out  their  event  under  a tent on the now soccer field. However,  it  was  truly  in  2015  with “Fashion Takes Flight” where Dandeo revolutionized the entire fashion show experience  by  deciding  to  host  the event – and all those that followed – at the Wold Performing Arts Center. The theater offers an intimate, yet elegant, setting with seating for more than 750 guests and a spacious lobby area with ornate chandeliers. 

Such modern venue enabled the class of  2017  to  be  the  first  group  to  use LED  walls,  which  not  only  enhanced their   fashion   show   on   the   seven  natural  wonders  of  the  world,  but  also the  other  fashion  events  that  came after.  This  upcoming  spring  

semester, Professor  Andrew  Burnstine will coordinate his first ever fashion show at Lynn. 

“The   theme   is   going   to   be sustainability  and  we  are  planning  on going bigger than ever,” said Burnstine.

The  university  will  be  celebrating the start of a new decade with a never-before-seen  take  on  the  fashion  show under Burnstine’s lead – one that is sure to amaze and contribute to the fashion program’s history of success.

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