Sophomore Helps Seniors

Watson Scholar’s Mission To Assist The Elderly

Alyssa Tivin, a sophomore in Lynn University’s Watson Institute program, works to create an establishment for senior citizens that is economically viable and treats patients and their families with dignity and respect. 

Tivin came to Florida in 2018 from New York to study event management at Lynn. She liked the personal aspect of the university and the fact that she was closer to her grandmother in Florida. 

“Lynn University was the most personal school I visited. The parking spot even had my name on it! I clicked with my awesome admissions counselor Justin, and the sky was the limit from there,” said Tivin. “I had the privilege of being closer and taking care of my grandma.” 

Tivin has always been part of the Social Impact Lab, and she currently serves as secretary for the Student Impact Leadership Organization (SILO). Tivin also works as Chair Council of Presidents for Knights of the Round Table (KOR). However, shortly after the death of her grandmother, Tivin transferred into the Watson Institute to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship with a focus on elder care. 

“I transferred to Watson because of the culture. I was surrounded by people with similar mindsets wanting to create a social impact. My journey started in the Social Impact Lab, and I was not planning on joining Watson,” said Tivin. “After an idea clicked of creating my own establishment for senior citizens, the decision to join the Watson community made more sense to me. Andrew [Lippi] from the team is awesome!”

Tivin’s is also part of the UN Millennium Fellowship, a semester long project where students focus on one of the 14 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Tivin focuses on the third SDG: international health and wellbeing. 

Furthering her work with sustainability, Tivin was recently selected to go to Opportunity Collaboration, a week-long networking event in Cancun, Mexico to discuss solutions to global issues. At Opportunity Collaboration, Tivin made many meaningful connections that helped her envision her plan to help the elderly. 

“I am so passionate about Social Entrepreneurship because I have seen the impact it can make firsthand. The individuals and organizations I have met shift my perspective on a day to day basis.  Working along side Jerry Hildebrand has been life changing,” said Tivin. “He is an incredible mentor who supports me in everything I do. Having him and seeing the relationships he created with social enterprises drives my passion even further.”

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