Pursuing All Opportunities

Rubin Excels In Aviation And Communications

Lynn alumnus Spencer Rubin landed a job with athletics by going outside his comfort zone and pursuing opportunities outside of his major.

Rubin came to college with a passion for aviation, and he planned to pursue his degree via Lynn’s aviation program. Rubin earned his private pilot’s license while pursuing his bachelor’s. Though Rubin is passionate about aviation, he still seeks opportunities and work in other areas of interest, such as videography.  

“I feel as if I have learned a lot from the flight program and the academics are really great here,” said Rubin. 

During his freshman year, Rubin accompanied his friend to an interview for athletics. Rubin had no idea supporting his friend would help him discover a new passion: creating multimedia content. Rubin was later interviewed and hired by athletics, and he has since broadcast softball, baseball, lacrosse and men’s and women’s basketball. 

Recently, Rubin was given the opportunity to create athletic videos using content the department gave him. 

“I have a lot of fun expressing stories through videography,” said Rubin. 

Rubin combined his love for aviation and videography to secure his job at Commutair, an aerospace company where Rubin works as a recruiter and videographer. 

Rubin believes his time at Lynn has given him more than just a degree in aviation, and he encourages students to take risks and pursue opportunities beyond their major or college.

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